Como vender viagens aos Millennials e à Geração Z

“How are Millennial & Generation Z travelers the same? How are they different?
What makes them tick when it comes to travel planning and booking? Are these two
generations that sit side-by-side looking for the same travel experiences and destinations? What role does social media and technology truly play in their travel decisions?
For your business to continue to grow well into the 21st century, these are the questions
you need to be asking yourself. Millennials, even with a growing family, aren’t leaving
the travel scene behind, and Generation Z, those born from the mid-1990s to the
mid-2000s, are being called “Millennials on steroids” when it comes to their travel plans.
Two generations; two mindsets—here, we’ve got some of the tips and tools you’ll need
to effectively serve these dynamic, globally minded, travel-smitten generations.”

Artigo completo: How to sell to Millennials and Generation Z.

Fonte: Paloma Villaverde de Rico (sponsored by Palladium Hotel Group).

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